Episodic games don’t work

Lots of people these days are criticizing games for trying to be movies, depending on who’s talking they either mean that they’re predictable cinematic rollercoasters that don’t really take any risks, or they’re boring walking simulators that require little to no player input. What I personally find to be far more worse than a video game that tries to be a movie, is a video game that tries to be a TV show. At least movies are planned as a single experience that has a beginning, middle, and end, which translates over to video game design easily. Games that follow an episodic development and release cycle typically just end up being a mess. Read the rest of this entry


DOOM open beta: first impressions

DOOM, first it was 2D sprites and MIDI music that sounded suspiciously familiar to other artists, and now its all 3D cutting edge stuff with graphics out the wazoo. Bethesda’s throw out an open beta to show off the game and what the multiplayer is really made of before the final release. After shoving my face into it for like four hours I think I know what to expect from the full game, so lets jump right in. Read the rest of this entry

The “Too deep for you!” recommendation station

Know what I love in video games? What I REALLY love? When they get WEIRD. Or rather they were made to be intentionally weird from start to finish, instead of having a stupid nonsense ending because the developers wrote themselves into a corner. If you’re into that as well I’ve got a few games for you today! They’re all cut from the same RPGmaker cloth, that source of RPGs both good and bad, and as a side bonus they’re all FREE.


Ignore this, go play

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What does VR have to offer?

We’re basically living in the future, given all the cool stuff coming out like holograms, better prosthetic limbs, stretchable electronics, self driving cars, and “Hoverboards“. We haven’t developed a full on Star Trek holodeck yet but with the new VR headsets coming out we’re getting there, but now that they’re being sold to consumers, what do they really have to people play around with? Are they worth it?


It needs the blue lights because it’s cool

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Whats the deal with XCOM2?

X-COM, my favorite video game series about shooting down UFOs, murdering aliens and, if I can get that far, saving the Earth. I haven’t played them all, but I played the first, Enemy Unknown and Within, that one that people would rather forget. Now that XCOM2 is out, Fraxis’ second (or third if you count Within) foray into making a game about shooting ET in the face, I wanted to take a look back to see how it compares to the games that came before.


The art team nailed the oppressive sci-fi distopia look

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First Impressions: The Order 1886


By Kaseladen

So I haven’t done a review in a while, but a game has roused be from my slumber.

The Order 1886.

Notorious for being an incredibly short “Cinematic experience”, it did not open to incredibly stellar reviews.

But what was it really like?
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Video Game Remakes Are Tainting Our Childhood Memories


By TheNewsMonkey

Gamers across the world have today united in an effort to protest against video game remakes on the grounds they are, as one gamer put it, ‘ruining our childhood memories’.

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Quickview: Her Story Is A Great Idea Told Really Badly


Quickviews are our way of reviewing games quickly, in around 300 words.

By Vidyo

Nostalgia’s a pretty big thing these days. ‘Ah, the 90s,’ said Bill. ‘Ooh, the 80s,’ claimed Roy. Well I get it because today’s world is pretty damn overwhelming at times, but if you can remember a time when hazelnut decaf skinny lattes were as easy to procure in mid-afternoon then do tell me.

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Smooth Grooves #5: Space Funeral


Smooth Grooves is a feature dedicated to finding the best video game soundtracks.

By Vidyo

Is music designed for the purpose of playing in the back of some cheesy Sci-Fi radio drama not music? If it’s not, I don’t want to live in this world any longer. And I’m not even sure if I do live in this world given that Space Funeral’s objective seems to be to question that reality which I call home one BBC Radiophonic tune at a time.

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Steam Controller: Is It Good Or What?


By Alebak

Like a half assed stalker my string of either writing about Valve and Steam or things that could be connected to them continues, this time with Valve’s attempt at dipping their toe into the hardware pool, the Steam Controller.

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